Board of Directors

ICI Mutual's Board of Directors is comprised of those who know the industry best.  Senior executives and fund independent directors from insured mutual fund organizations serve on the Company's Board and its committees where they play a significant role in shaping Company policies and initiatives.  ICI Mutual's by-laws specify that the Board shall have no more than 25 directors, at least two-thirds of whom shall be affiliated with ICI Mutual member-insureds.  The remaining directors include a resident of the State of Vermont, the Company's President, and the President and another officer of the Investment Company Institute (ICI).

Each of ICI Mutual's Directors serves on at least one of the following committees of the Board:

  • The Audit Committee Read More
    Oversees the financial reporting process of the Company, helping to ensure the objectivity of ICI Mutual's management and external auditors, and the accuracy of the Company's financial reporting.
  • The Investment Committee Read More
    Performs the critical oversight function of hiring and monitoring the professional advisers who manage ICI Mutual's investment portfolio. Careful stewardship of these assets is necessary for maintaining the Company's strong financial position.
  • The Joint Underwriting Read More and Risk Management Committees Read More
    Establish and approve specific underwriting objectives and coverage, counsel management on ICI Mutual's risk management and other publications, and help to identify and evaluate the ongoing and emerging liability risks faced by the fund industry.
  • The Executive Committee Read More
    Is comprised of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, the chairman of each of the above Committees, the President of the ICI, and the President of ICI Mutual, and provides guidance and strategic oversight.
  • The Nominating Committee Read More
    Recommends individuals for service on the Company's Board, ensuring that the Board is representative of ICI Mutual’s client base.
  • The Claims Committee Read More
    Reviews ex-post management's adjustment of large claims and those claims involving unusual or especially complex issues to ensure that all claims settlements are consistent with the Company’s goal of prompt, rational, and even-handed resolution of claims.  It is not involved in making claim settlement decisions.

ICI Mutual is committed to demonstrating high standards of ethical business conduct.  To that end, the Company's Board, officers and employees are subject to a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

ICIMutual's Board of Directors

View a list of ICI Mutual’s 2024-2025 Board of Directors and Directors on sabbatical.

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