Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Because we serve only the mutual fund industry, we have an educational mission to study its risks, anticipate coming trends and make our knowledge available to the industry. Even competing brokers and commercial insurers acknowledge that the people at ICI Mutual are the industry experts; when they need special insight, information or interpretation, they call us. ICI Mutual representatives are invited to speak at industry forums around the country and are consulted by the media for commentary and explanation. ICI Mutual's publications include:

ICI Mutual's Risk Management Studies, prepared with input from industry experts, examine risk areas and provide practical advice to help insureds improve the risk profiles of their organizations.

Claims Trends is an annual newsletter that provides an overview of the fund industry claims environment, including recent litigation developments, court decisions and recent claims data.

The Litigation Notebook, an online resource, provides information, including procedural histories and significant documents, on recent lawsuits and regulatory proceedings involving investment companies and advisers.

What to Expect in the Claims Process (PDF) is a brochure to assist insureds in preparing and filing an insurance claim, and in understanding what to expect during the claims resolution process.

This base of knowledge and experience provides distinct, tangible advantages to our insureds. At the front end, we help our insureds identify and avoid risk by providing direct consultation and white papers on relevant risk management issues and claims trends, as well as analyses of current lawsuits and regulatory actions involving investment companies and their advisers.

Then, if problems occur, we stand behind our insureds with robust claim support, including consultation with their legal teams, to guide them through what can be difficult, complex proceedings.