Risk Management

Controlling Risk via the Power of Information

ICI Mutual’s specialized knowledge of mutual fund industry insurance is unmatched, as is its dedication to sharing this expertise to help its insureds mitigate risks and control losses. Because ICI Mutual insures a majority of the industry’s assets, it is in a position to see broad patterns of claims and emerging trends in new risk areas. This exclusive information forms the basis of ICI Mutual’s risk management studies and other educational activities.


ICI Mutual’s library of Risk Management Studies has helped its insureds improve the risk profiles of their organizations. These studies, prepared with extensive input from industry experts, assist insureds to indentify areas of risk and provide practical advice and techniques to manage and reduce these risks.


As the industry’s dedicated insurer, a core part of ICI Mutual’s mission is educational outreach, to assist risk managers, legal and compliance staff, and fund directors and advisers to better understand existing and emerging industry risks, and the nature of mutual fund insurance. ICI Mutual’s senior staff, legal staff, and underwriters are available to meet with insureds to discuss underwriting and claims issues. ICI Mutual representatives also frequently meet with fund boards to share their risk management expertise, and participate in panels and presentations at various industry conferences. In addition, ICI Mutual sponsors its own Risk Management Conference.

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