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In keeping with ICI Mutual’s longstanding commitment to providing its insureds with important information and services, this Litigation Notebook tracks developments in a broad selection of lawsuits and regulatory proceedings involving funds, fund directors and officers, and fund advisers.

The Litigation Notebook provides (1) basic public information about recent lawsuits and regulatory proceedings (e.g., case captions, status, type of case); (2) free access to significant documents filed in those matters; and (3) to the extent applicable and available, additional public information about the matters, including procedural history and links to relevant federal or state docket sheets or to the relevant regulators’ websites).

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ICI Mutual seeks to keep the Litigation Notebook accurate, current, and relevant to the mutual fund industry. We would appreciate your help in doing so. If you are aware of any matters or related documents that you believe merit inclusion here, please contact us by e-mail.

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